Does God crush us or are we responsible for the load of cares or difficulties which press down to crush us? As a 24/7 caregiver, at times the constant care crushes the very life out of my soul. BUT, there is hope!!!! … More Crushed

Load-bearing Wall

If you know anything about construction, you know that a load-bearing wall holds the weight of a floor or the ceiling and roof. Obviously, for this reason, you cannot take that wall out when doing serious remodeling. Do you sometimes feel like a load-bearing wall? Perhaps you aren’t carrying the load of the world on … More Load-bearing Wall

Home Alone?

At times, it can be overwhelming, always having another person there, especially an elderly person who likes to be with you. 😊 We have had to get creative, and thankfully, Mom is still able to be alone for short periods of time, but the new normal is still new. … More Home Alone?