Keep Digging!

This year I’ve been using a “through the Bible” devotional that one of my Wednesday afternoon Youth Connect Bible club students gave me. Right now, I’m in Jeremiah. I love the Word of God, but I’ve not really been enjoying Jeremiah. Perhaps it’s because of my present situation. I long for encouragement and Jeremiah is a book of woe. But this morning, the morning after a particularly difficult day when I really don’t want to face my situation, I found a sweet morsel that strengthens me to face another day.

“I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked, And I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible.”

Jeremiah 15:21

That last phrase is such a blessing for several reasons.

·       My God will redeem me. He not only redeems my soul from hell with the precious blood of His dear Son, Jesus Christ, but HE redeems (releases, liberates, frees, delivers, rescues) me from the trials I face today whether they be from the outside circumstances or from the inside—my own wicked heart.

·       “From the grip”—no, I’m not sick but at times my situation gets ahold of me and shakes the life out of me, like a bulldog with a ragdoll. Grip is such a strong word. It isn’t a loose holding, it is a controlling, commanding, powerful clutch of my heart! Have you been there? You try to shake it off but it just won’t let go!!! Often, when I’ve faced this difficulty all morning, the only thing that will release it is tears spilled on my dear husband’s shoulders. Oh, how I thank God for this man of mine!!!

·       “Of the terrible”—it is a terrible thing we are dealing with. There is no way to sugarcoat it. The further we go, the worse it gets. I cry out to God, “How long, O Lord? How bad, dear Father, will she get before this is over?” Get this: HE DOESN’T ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS, BUT HE PROMISES GRACE AND PEACE AND STRENGTH AND HOPE FOR A BETTER DAY… IN HIS TIME. I don’t know the future but He does. His ways are truly perfect because He sees everything (there’s one of those “O” words again! Omniscient!). How comforting to rest in His will—the One who knows me better than I know myself, the One who sees the beginning AND the ending, the One who plans and directs my steps, the One who cares for me!

So, keep digging into God’s Word. If you are in a dry spell, pray for God to send showers of blessings—HE WILL—and dig into the Word of God. If you are in a sinful situation and don’t have the courage or strength to resolve it, pray that God will send His Holy Spirit and the hounds of heaven to come to your aid—AND HE WILL—and dig into the Word of God. If your way seems hopeless with no light at the end of the tunnel, pray for God to show you hope and peace through the Prince of Peace—HE WILL—and dig into God’s Word. Those wonderful, shining nuggets of truth will be beacons of light to show you the way and brighten your path! And remember, the darker the day, the brighter you get to shine!!!

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