Newest novel “Cleft Rock” is now available.

 “Cleft Rock,” the sequel to “Spirit Rock,” jumps to the 1960s, when Jack Kilgus finds the coins Ahanu placed in Spirit Rock. Will his find enrich his life or destroy it? The setting for this book is my childhood home. My dad farmed part-time while working at Avco, Lycoming Engine plant as well as other odd jobs when he would be laid off from work. It was a fun book to write. So, if you want to take a peek into what makes me tick, check it out! The factual and fictional parts are woven together to create a delightful story of God’s sovereign grace in the lives of His people. In some ways, I’m sure “Cleft Rock” is a story of how I would have liked my life to be. The same could be said about my father, who always wanted to farm full-time. (Oops! Did I say too much?!)

Take a look around. Do you need a little encouragement or maybe a kick in the seat! 🙂  You’ll find both here! Pick up a devotional. Whether you’re looking for a workbook style, a daily devotion, or just a topical study, there’s something for everyone in my Devotional pageOr maybe you are looking for a great read. Christian historical fiction is my favorite read.  I love going to real places with real people. If that’s for you, check out my Christian Historical Fiction section.Like short stories? Want to see Bible characters with a little more meat on their bones? I’ve written on Joseph’s servant, Abigail, the thief on the cross, and the woman at the well, just to name a few. I’ve also collected my posts into three volumes called Snippets.

GRANDMOTHERS! and moms! God’s Fishy Bank is my first children’s book.  It’s one of my favorites. Our little fishy friend tells his side of the story of Peter fishing for taxes! My newest children’s book is called Pip and Pop–Joy in Serving Jesus.

Beyond Common Sense is a place to “come apart and rest a while” (Mark 6:31). Those are the words of Jesus to His disciples–words that we all need to hear! So, take a look around and make yourself at home!

Because of Jesus, Wanda