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Books by Wanda MacAvoy


Twelve Smooth Stones (2013) —  $15.00

 —a modern-day Esther story, this historical fictional story follows the life of a
young girl, who is taken from her home in Amsterdam and survives Auschwitz.
Her quest for the truth takes her on an incredible journey, finally finding peace in
the most unusual place!

Strong Delusion Trilogy — 

 —A three volumes, which begin with a flashback at the time of the Rapture
and follows the events through the Tribulation and to the Millennium.
Carrie Spangler, a pastor’s daughter who makes a false profession of faith in
elementary school, rejects her parents’ teachings, follows her high school
sweetheart to a state college, and falls under the erroneous teaching of her
sociology professor. Todd Jenson never heard the Gospel, but something
about Carrie attracts him. When the become involved and the Rapture
happens, Todd finds the truth and cannot understand why Carrie continues to reject the Gospel.

While this series is set in the prophetic times to come, their focus is centered around the Gospel and the truth about 2 Thessalonians 2:11,12—“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

 A Moment in Time (2014)—Book One $15

Angel of Light (2015)—Book Two $15

Thy Kingdom Come (2015)—Book Three $15

One Volume Set (2015) $40


Bond Brothers (2016) — $15

—The story of Philemon and Onesimus. Based on Paul’s letter to Philemon, this
historical fiction adds some meat to the bones of a wonderful story of God’s grace
and redemption.

Spirit Rock— $15

  —Set in central Pennsylvania, this book follows the life of Ahanu, a Susquehannock Indian who seeks revenge until he hears the famous missionary David Brainerd preach

Short Stories and Collections:

Snippets (2014-18)—  $8.50

—Three volumes of posts from Wanda’s blog: Beyond Common Sense

Free-Spirit Free (2015)— $8.50

—A Christmas novella, this little story is about Allen McDermott, a 60 year
old school teacher who is dealing with his age! Mixing comedy with
accidental confusion, this holiday tale will delight as well as inspire.

Short Storiessecond edition (2017) $8.50

Colorful bio sketches of several Bible heroes


True Riches (2011)— $8.00

—Workbook study of the book of Esther

Far Above Rubies (2016)— $8.00

—Compilation of Matthew Henry’s notes on Proverbs 31

Psalm 119 (2017)— $10.50

—Daily devotional, including quotes from C. H. Spurgeon

Still Waters (2017)— $8.50

— A look at water-based Bible accounts and the lessons of peace they offer 

Children’s Books:

God’s Fishy Bank (2018)— $10.50

—Written in poetic form about Peter’s fishing for taxes and told from the fish’s point of view!