This month, we recognize two very sad days in America’s history. On January 22, 1973, our supreme court made its landmark decision promoting abortion. Since then, in the United States alone, 16,000,000 children have died because we gave their mothers choice to have it be so. On January 27th, we remember the eleven million people … More Pro-Choice


The mind is an amazing thing! Lately, thoughts have been swirling in my head, and I’ve decided to try my hand at writing short stories. The first one is called How Big is Your God, and you can find it at the the top of the page under SHORT STORIES.   🙂 I remember reading a … More SOMETHING NEW!!

Twelve Smooth Stones – a Christian Historical Fiction

Although Esther Ruth Raul, the main character is a fictional character, several other names are not: in particular, Oskar Schindler and Kurt Gerstein. The combined actions of these two men are instrumental in saving Esther’s life: Kurt Gerstein, an SS Officer for the Third Reich, is disillusioned with Hitler’s “Final Solution” as he calls it, … More Twelve Smooth Stones – a Christian Historical Fiction

Twelve Smooth Stones – a modern-day Esther story

Last night was my first speaking engagement for Twelve Smooth Stones at our local library.  Several commented that after hearing what I said, it made them want to read my book! So… I thought I’d try to tantalize some of you as well! I’d like to give you three different perspectives about the book; but … More Twelve Smooth Stones – a modern-day Esther story

You Jew!

“You Jew,” the one teen said. “Don’t say that. You know what Mrs. B said.” The conversation had me curious.  What did Mrs. B say to her students?  I happened to be substitute teaching at our local public high school one day when I overheard this conversation.  So I asked: what did Mrs. B say?  … More You Jew!

Twelve Smooth Stones to be Published March 20!

When I began this journey, everyone said it would take about two years to publish a book and they were right! Now the day is here and all I feel is numb!  Here’s the info: You can visit and find the book and an author bio there, or go directly to  This is … More Twelve Smooth Stones to be Published March 20!

Hope Deferred

 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Proverb 13:12 When I got the email that the publication of Twelve Smooth Stones was pushed back to March, I experienced this verse first hand.  It seemed like I had waited forever for the August date and March was … More Hope Deferred