Salvation Silhouettes

#truegospelfiction. That’s my hashtag ID. Why would I pick that? Well, my passion for writing centers around the Gospel. That’s why I write. Early on in my Christian walk, I searched for good Christian fiction. At first, before I discovered Janette Oke, I was sorely dissatisfied. (I had been given a book by Grace Livingston Hill but even as an unsaved teen I didn’t want too much romance in a novel. Recently, I’ve discovered some of her earlier gems and really enjoyed them.) Although there were good books written about Christians and even their testimony, it seemed as though the Gospel was sorely lacking. Yes, people were led to Christ and became believers, but the process seemed overshadowed or left to your imagination.

Now, as I seek publication, I may begin to understand why. Publishers want to sell books, and the sacrifices to the author’s passion and visions are unknown to the reader. Will I be asked to sacrifice the clear Gospel? If so, should I forget publication and continue with self-publishing? These are questions worth thinking about as an author!

So, I’ve decided to dedicate a section to the wonderful stories of conversion in my books. The first one was in Twelve Smooth Stones. Gabriel is in America. He has just had quite a shock as well as a heart-wrenching loss. (You’ll have to read the book to know the rest!) God has been drawing him to Himself for some time. )