The mind is an amazing thing! Lately, thoughts have been swirling in my head, and I’ve decided to try my hand at writing short stories. The first one is called How Big is Your God, and you can find it at the the top of the page under SHORT STORIES.   🙂

I remember reading a short story about a young man who came into a room where a huge map covered one wall. People were busy scurrying about and he felt lost.  He asked one of the workers if he could help him find his way home, and gave him his address.  The man looked puzzle, and the youth expanded his address from city to state to country. When he mentioned Earth, the man’s face brightened and he pointed to a small dot on the map, explaining that he thought Earth was part of that dot called, The Milky Way Galaxy.

That’s the “seed thought” behind How Big is Your God.  Hope you enjoy AND if you like it, I hope you’ll try Twleve Smooth Stones!

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