God’s Secrets

As I read the story of Esther in the Bible this morning, I was struck again with the wonder of our amazing God! Esther is the only book of the Bible which does not include the written name of God, but His fingerprints are all over the chain of events which eventually lead to a thrilling, God-honoring end.

This young Jewish girl knew nothing of God’s plan for her life—a plan which would place her beside the most powerful man in the empire, King Ahasuerus. Her parents were gone (no detail of their demise is mentioned) and Mordecai, a relative, is now caring for her in a foreign land. He raises her until she is taken from him to become part of the King’s quest for a queen. I would think her heart was filled with horror and dread, but God had a plan—Esther, the Jewish captive, would be the next queen. Amazing!

And then there’s Haman. It never pays to be the enemy of God! Haman hates the Jews and that hatred reaches back nearly 500 years to Agag, king of the Amalekites and King Saul’s disobedience. Because he did not follow Samuel’s command to kill all the people, years later, Haman, the Agagite is now in a place of power and plans to destroy the Jews.

This proud, arrogant man is second in command and when Esther invites him to a banquet, he goes home to brag to his wife and friends. Only the unbending knee of Mordecai rains on his parade.

Hurrying back to the king the next day to complete his destructive plan, he doesn’t know about the king’s sleepless night, or the chronicles about Mordecai’s bravery in foiling an assassination attempt on the king. He doesn’t know that, when the king wants to honor someone, it is Mordecai and not himself King Ahasuerus wishes to honor. Oh, to hear his suggestion at the king’s request of how to bring honor to someone the king favors! It shows such a proud, obnoxious heart! And to think that he must perform the task for his enemy, Mordecai!

NOTHING TAKES GOD BY SURPRISE!!!!    Our heavenly Father planned it all! He allowed Mordecai to overhear the assassination attempt. He put Haman in a place of power and even allowed him to devise his wicked scheme to kill God’s chosen people. He allowed a little girl to lose her parents and be led to a foreign land. He even placed Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti into their positions of power to accomplish His plan.

Don’t let these crazy days get you down. God has it all planned out. The days may seem dark and full of lies and confusion, but evil men who hate God will never prevail over God’s plan. There is comfort in trusting an all-wise, all-knowing God—a comfort the world knows nothing about! God has given us the privilege of sharing this wonderful news with them, as well as the even more wonderful news of the Gospel! Jesus saves! Jesus comforts! “Jesus knows all about our struggles” because There’s Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus, No Not One!

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

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