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“Read your Bible, pray every day and you’ll grow, grow, GROW!” We learn so many truths through these children’s songs. Here are a few helps on your journey through life with Jesus!

  • Psalm 119–a daily reading with little nuggets of truth in a verse-by-verse format.
  • Still Waters–a chapter book with a “Still Waters Truth” and “Still Waters Challenge” in each chapter.  This book sprung out of my own deep waters when I needed to get to those “Still Waters” of peace in the storms of life.
  • True Riches–a Bible study in workbook form.  If you like to study the Bible with a “fill in the blank” booklet, this one’s for you!
  • Far Above Rubies–my only part in this little book was to compile Matthew Henry’s commentary notes on Proverbs 31 and make it a little more user-friendly!

Psalm 119 with quotes from C. H. Spurgeon’s commentary

Psalm 119, the longest psalm in the Bible, has been a favorite because of its concentration on the Word of God. This devotional is a short, verse by verse study which includes comments from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a favorite preacher/commentator of mine. His writings are timeless and his wit, amazing! I have purposed to write my thoughts BEFORE peeking at Spurgeon’s comments and have been doubly blessed to find that he often makes similar remarks, adding the shine and gloss which can only come from his great wealth of wisdom.



Still Waters – Finding Calm in a Crazy World

“By the still waters…” This is the place where our Lord desires to lead each of His dear children. In my mind, I see the lush green pastures, sweet grass rolling in the gentle breeze like the surging waves of the ocean. Then, over the knoll and down through the meadow’s edge, the tree-line gives way to reveal a beautiful stream which winds its way along a gentle slope, which widens and deepens into a peaceful pool. No ripples, no rocks–the water is deep and inviting to the weary sheep. They come, unafraid and unhindered, and slowly drink—sweet, calm satisfaction. Tranquility is everywhere. It draws you close, and you want to stay there forever. Where is this place—the place to which Jesus longs to lead us? It can be wherever we are: in the midst of life’s most difficult trial or during the most joyful celebration, during the sunshine and sorrow of our days. It is in the strong, yet gentle, arms of the Shepherd. It is a challenge to study God’s Word in this harried world in which we live, but we seek to know Its Author better–our Creator God, Savior, and Friend! “Still Waters” was written to refresh your soul as well as challenge you to become a child of God who can ride out the storms of life and calmly reflect the peace of God while doing so. That sort of life only comes by spending time at Jesus’ feet… beside the still waters!


True Riches – a Bible study workbook on Esther.

Esther, the one book of the Bible that does not contain the name of God clearly has His fingerprints all over the circumstances surrounding not only Esther but the whole Medo-Persian Empire! True Riches is a study of those circumstances, the characters in this wonderful account, and the lessons which we can learn by studying their actions and reactions.


True Riches

A compilation of Mathew Henry’s Commentary on Proverbs thirty-one concerning the virtuous woman. This little book is chock full of wonderful advice albeit in 16th-century mind and language. Sometimes it’s nice to take a look at the Bible without all the trappings of the 21st century! This little gem will make you think!