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LATEST RELEASE!!! Spirit Rock, A Susquehannock Tale

spirit rock front coverIt seems as though my life has centered around the Susquehanna River. Both Tom and I grew up on different branches of the river and we met at Susquehanna University, which sits on the river below where the two branches join. (Isn’t that romantic!)

I’ve always been fascinated with the Susquehannock tribe, which roamed this area over 400 years ago. So when the Lord led me to write my next book, He led me to the Susquehannocks by a number of circumstances…

  • I wonder if anyone has ever stood on the rocky ledges that I would see on my way to work?
  • It seems as though it would be a sacred spot.
  • I wonder if any animal sacrifices were ever offered there?
  • What if a young Indian teen made a pet of a poor, pathetic, half-starved bear?
  • What if his grandfather, the chief, felt it was necessary to make an example of such a wrong decision?
  • How would Ahanu, the young teen, react? Would he feel hurt, revengeful, angry?
  • And, what if he meets up with David Brainerd who happened to make a trek as far west as French Margaret’s Town, today’s Newberry Borough adjacent to Williamsport, PA?

I’ve learned so much about these wonderful people who roamed this land freely for centuries.  Follow Ahanu as he not only makes the journey of a lifetime but also a journey of faith.

My Christian Historical Fiction family:

As I write books, I realize that my characters become a part of my life. When I finish their stories it’s hard to say good-bye to them!

Twelve Smooth Stones inf book form!

Twelve Smooth Stones

This modern-day Esther story chronicles the life of Esther Ruth Raul as she seeks the truth about her Messiah. Like Queen Esther of the Old Testament, she is taken from her family to the concentration camps of Auschwitz. But God has a plan for her life.


A Moment in Time

BookCoverImage for A moment in timeBook One of the End Time Trilogy, this book gives the background information about a group of believers who have gone underground in an attempt to survive the oncoming reign of Antichrist. Written as a flashback, this first book covers the events before the Rapture. Main character Carrie Spangler, a pastor’s daughter running from her Christian heritage, meets Todd Jenson, a tenderhearted young man who has never heard the Gospel. He loves her even though he can’t understand her secretive past. And then there’s Matthew Hanks, a former boyfriend who has lost Carrie’s affections and regrets it.

Angel of Light

Angel of Light half coverBook Two picks up the story after the Rapture happens. Now married, Todd finds the truth while Carrie, never truely born-again, whose heart continues to harden. And then there’s Matthew Hanks, now determined to gain back Carrie, who will stop at nothing to make it happen. Book Two covers the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.

Thy Kingdom Come

BookCoverPreview Thy Kingdom ComeBook Three continues the story as Antichrist is now ruling with an iron rod, Todd Jenson and the others who have made a home in the Adirondacks are growing in their faith as they count the days until the Lord’s revenge. And then there’s Matthew Hanks who is eaten up with revenge. If only he can find the den of renegades. Bouncing back and for between New York and Israel as a captain in Solo Badel’s army, he finally gets a break, but will there be enough time for him to make Todd pay for ruining his life?

Bond Brothers

Bond Brothers new cover

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the first century following Jesus’ resurrection? This narrative follows Philemon and his life as he lives in Colosse. After purchasing Onesimus for an outlandish price to rescue him from the galleys, he treats him like a son only to have him run away with a fourth of the year’s profit. Why did he run? And how did he end up with Paul under house arrest? This was a fun book to write as I researched first-century life in the early church.

Wanda MacAvoy

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