Christian Historical Fiction

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Bond Brothers

Paul’s letter to Philemon is the true account of a runaway slave–Onesimus–whom God providentially sends to Paul, while under house arrest in Rome. There, Onesimus finds forgiveness, but will his former master forgive him also? What an intriguing story! This book is an attempt to gain a better understanding of these real-life characters. Who was Philemon, other than a man whose home became the meeting place for the infant church in Colosse? What did he do for a living? Who was his family? How did Onesimus come to be his slave? None of these questions are answered in the Bible, so this book becomes a historical fiction: God’s account is completely accurate and trustworthy, the author’s part is purely fictional, with the hopes that you will desire to study deeper into this wonderful Book called the Bible!






A Moment in Time

JESUS IS COMING! She had heard it all her life, she just didn’t believe that He would come during her lifetime…but He did. Carrie Spangler had made a profession of faith in elementary school; but even at the time, she knew it was not genuine and Satan uses every opportunity to continue the deception, including Matthew Hanks! Todd Jenson has always longed to know God but has never had the opportunity to do so. When he meets Carrie at SUNY’s New Paltz campus, he is drawn to her; and when “fate” literally drops her into his lap, he couldn’t be happier. She is a mystery to him as she keeps any information about her background from him; and when he finally takes her home to ask for her hand in marriage, her parents are gone! As they begin their marriage at the start of the Tribulation, will they be able to survive; and will their marriage breach the differences that steadily grows between them?








Angel of Light

In Book Two of the Strong Delusion Trilogy, Todd and Carrie Jenson try to pick up their lives as they now head into the Tribulation. After searching for the truth, Todd embraces Jesus Christ as his Savior, while Carrie’s heart continues to fall under the strong delusion put forth by Solo Baidel, Antichrist! Matthew Hanks, now a Special Operations officer in the New World Order military branch has only one goal: win back Carrie. Follow along as “Angel of Light” takes you through the first three and a half years of the Great Tribulation.






Thy Kingdom Come

Upon the wake of Carrie’s tragic accident, Todd Jenson and the rest of the group of Dissenters have now gone into hiding. As the first half of the Tribulation draws to a close, Solo Badiel, Antichrist, is planning to bring in the New Year in a grand way, and all the world is watching. Can their group survive for another three and a half years? Will Matthew Hanks succeed in his plans for deadly revenge against Todd and the others? Where will it all end? Read the conclusion of the “Strong Delusion” trilogy and find out!




Strong Delusion Trilogy – Complete Set

Now bound into one collection, “Strong Delusion” Trilogy contains all three books: “A Moment in Time,” “Angel of Light,” and “Thy Kingdom Come.” Covering the events preceding the Rapture and concluding with the Lord’s Second Coming, “Strong Delusion” follows the lives of Carrie Spangler, a pastor’s daughter who rejects the truth of the Gospel, and Todd Jenson, the young man, whose heart is captured by the brown-haired beauty. 2 Thessalonians 2:11,12 says that “God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” What happens to someone who has heard the Gospel and rejected it when Antichrist comes onto the scene? Will anyone be saved during the Tribulations, and will anyone who does not receive the Mark of the Beast be able to survive the Tribulation?