The Horrors of Nature


I have enjoyed my birds so much! Just today we had 5 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. I didn’t realize that they also have red markings under their wings. Such Beautiful birds! Yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles arrived and on Sunday we spotted three Bluebirds. I don’t mind feeding them (although I don’t like Blue Jays who kill the smaller birds and are hogs at the feeder, coming in DROVES, or the cowbirds who steal other birds’ eggs.)

But just now I saw something that I hope I never see again. I was in the garage and looked out to see a huge bird in the yard. It was a hawk, and he had a beautiful, male Grosbeak pinned down. I yelled, which did scare it off, but he never let go of his prey! Ugh! So sad! And it gives me pause. A beautiful, innocent bird captured in the clutches of its enemy. Oh, how many beautiful people I pass every day are caught in the clutches of the enemy, Satan? Like the hawk, he flies with lightning speed and holds his helpless prey in his grip. Is there any hope? Will he carry them off and devour them in his perch? Unlike a helpless bird or other animal, (I’m watching a fat bunny over by the hedge row. He’s not worried because he’s so close to shelter) humans have an emergency escape route! At any moment, no matter how long Satan has held them, they can go free with only the heart cry of belief— “Save me, Jesus!” Praise the King! What a Friend we have in Jesus! Hallelujah! What a Savior. And like fat, little bunny over there, we too find safety and shelter when we stay close to our Lord and Savior! Nature can be beautiful, but it is also brutal. The survival of the fittest is a real thing. Aren’t you glad you’re not a four-footed critter or a winged beastie?

Do you like to read salvation stories? I just added one of my favorites from “Bond Brothers”—the story of Onesimus and Philemon—and is Philemon’s story of salvation. Do we know the circumstances around his salvation experience? No. That is why the book is a historical fiction: everything God wrote is complete, factual history, but what I wrote is just my vivid imagination at work! But beware! It may just stir you to want to read the whole story! A dear friend just finished it and wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Bond Brother!” the author did a wonderful job bringing men and women in the Bible to life! It gave me a deeper understanding of Philemon, Onesimus and Paul. She has a gift of describing the characters and the cites very well.


To get your copy, paperback or Kindle, just click here!

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