How Does God Lead?

Will you still follow when God puts a curve in your plans? What does God want from us anyway?

FYI: Just to be absolutely clear. At the end of this podcast I make this statement: “Evolution is man’s way of trying to put an eternal God into our box.” I then go on to say that God could do a million years of work in a 24-hour day. I hope that makes sense. It’s sort of like living in Narnia time vs. English time, except that God doesn’t even have a clock!! Please don’t label me as a “theistic evolutionist!” I stand in awe of my Lord–the God of the Universe–who could speak and this world came into being. One of my favorite verses is: Genesis 1:16b “And He made the stars also.” All those trillions of lights we see in the sky sound like a P.S. of what God did in our universe at creation!

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