Twelve Smooth Stones – a modern-day Esther story

Last night was my first speaking engagement for Twelve Smooth Stones at our local library.  Several commented that after hearing what I said, it made them want to read my book! So… I thought I’d try to tantalize some of you as well! I’d like to give you three different perspectives about the book; but … More Twelve Smooth Stones – a modern-day Esther story

You Jew!

“You Jew,” the one teen said. “Don’t say that. You know what Mrs. B said.” The conversation had me curious.  What did Mrs. B say to her students?  I happened to be substitute teaching at our local public high school one day when I overheard this conversation.  So I asked: what did Mrs. B say?  … More You Jew!

Twelve Smooth Stones to be Published March 20!

When I began this journey, everyone said it would take about two years to publish a book and they were right! Now the day is here and all I feel is numb!  Here’s the info: You can visit and find the book and an author bio there, or go directly to  This is … More Twelve Smooth Stones to be Published March 20!

Hope Deferred

 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Proverb 13:12 When I got the email that the publication of Twelve Smooth Stones was pushed back to March, I experienced this verse first hand.  It seemed like I had waited forever for the August date and March was … More Hope Deferred

Anne Frank

            A girl writes a diary, and her life is forever a memorial for the world to view.  That’s obviously not true for every girl, but when the girl’s name happens to be Anne Frank, then that diary becomes a symbol of all the horrors we now call the Holocaust.  Today, … More Anne Frank

Twelve Smooths Stones: Kurt Gerstein

                In any historical fiction, there are real and fictitious characters.  Esther Ruth Raul is fictitious; however, Kurt Gerstein really existed.                 Born in 1905 into an old Prussian family, Mr. Gerstein was very active in the Christian anti-Nazi Resistance as well as the Federation of German Bible Circles … More Twelve Smooths Stones: Kurt Gerstein

Twelve Smooth Stones – Gabriel Bachman, high school sweetheart

Gabriel Bachman, two years Esther’s senior, is at the top of his class in every way: academics, athletics and heart.  Every girl longs to be HIS girl, but it is Esther who catches his eye.  I have to wonder if Queen Esther had any admirers among her people before she was taken by the King’s … More Twelve Smooth Stones – Gabriel Bachman, high school sweetheart