The new Tilly!

IMG_6114I couldn’t bear the thought of another year of ‘babying’ Tilly – trying to coax her to perform; so, we took her to the shop.  I was ready to buy a new tiller until I priced them!  Then I looked on Craig’s list and laughed when I saw a tiller in worse shape than Tilly for $150!

Three weeks later I got the surprise of my life!  Tilly is like new! She chews up that dirt like it’s nothing!  I’m so proud of her and can’t wait for these monsoons to stop so I can get out there and till again!

So what’s the lesson for us?  (So glad you asked!! 🙂 )

Sometimes we need a tune-up spiritually, and it may not come cheap!  It may cost you something very precious: TIME!  Tilly was  in the shop for three weeks.  I wonder how much change I’d see in my walk with God if I was in the shop of God’s Word for three weeks.  Grant it, I’m sure the mechanics were not working on Tilly for all that time, but what if I did stop and make an asserted effort to spend more than usual reading God’s Word, talking to God in prayer, and memorizing Scripture?  Do you think it would make a difference in my “performance” in God’s vineyard?  Without a doubt!

Tilly had sat for over ten years in my parent’s shed.  A dear older gentleman in our church worked on her and got her running; but this time, we needed to take her to the experts.

Do you need a little help in your Christian walk?  Do you need to visit The Expert?  God knows your ‘engine’ better than even you do – He made it!! Why not let Him do the tune up? Even if you’ve been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for years, God can do amazing things if only you will let Him.

I’m teaching VBS next week and am using the picture of Jesus standing at a door knocking.  The picture that always hung in my mother’s room showed the door with no handle; point being that for salvation, God will not open the door of our hearts.  He has given us a free will, and we must open our hearts-door to let Him in.  Do you know that the same is true about sanctification?  He will not force us to put on and put off things in our lives that make us more Christ-like, but He’s ready every moment of the day to help us to change as soon as we ask; and He promises the grace to be successful!

You know, if we had known that it would have made such a difference, we would have taken Tilly to the shop five years ago!  Don’t waste another day sputtering around, because you haven’t charged your battery, or your carburetor is clogged with worldly waste!

AND, the biggest lesson is that every life is here on earth for a purpose.  I nearly got rid of Tilly!  You may think that your life is beyond repair!  NOT TRUE.  That is definitely Satan’s lie!  Remember – as a born-again Child of God, we serve the God of the Impossible!

There’s fruit to be produced in every life.  Allow our gracious heavenly Father to tune you up, and watch the dirt fly!

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