Hello world!

Welcome to Common Sense for Uncommon People.  At my home here in web land, you will find a variety of articles: my thoughts couched in the Word of God.  It would be nice to sit around my kitchen table with a nice hot cup of tea and our Bibles to talk about Common Sense issues, but that isn’t possible for many of you dear friends that are scattered here and there.

If you would like to know more about me, just check out About Me. (That was easy!)

The initial reason for this blog was my book entitled Twleve Smooth Stones. Take a look at that category for some ‘Behind the Scenes’ information as well as an opportunity to sign up for the release date.

For most of you, I probably do not have to say that I’m new at this – it’s more than obvious!  I think I’m doing pretty good for an old lady!  Who said you can’t teach the old gray mare (better known as the Silver Fox in my Noxen days!) new tricks!  (Did I get that cliche right? 🙂 )

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