While Men Slept

Show me a mom who is serious about God, and I’ll show you a child who is serious about God.  Show me a dad who loves the Lord, and I’ll show you a child who loves the Lord. Show me a parent who is faithful to church, and I’ll show you a child who is … More While Men Slept

This is a Toad

If I said, “This is a toad,” you would question my judgment, perhaps even my sanity! You may even argue, “That’s not a toad, it’s a cat.”  If I asked you how you knew it was a cat, you might stare at me in wonder; but to humor me, you might say, “It’s furry – … More This is a Toad

Common Sense for Uncommon People

Common sense –  dictionary.com describes it as sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.  (Normal native intelligence?  That’s scary!) Yesterday, as I watched a man stand beside his car and blow his nose in the cold and snow instead of getting into the car and out of the weather … More Common Sense for Uncommon People