While Men Slept

Show me a mom who is serious about God, and I’ll show you a child who is serious about God.  Show me a dad who loves the Lord, and I’ll show you a child who loves the Lord.

Show me a parent who is faithful to church, and I’ll show you a child who is faithful to church.  Show me a parent who makes excuses for their lack of commitment and I’ll show you a child who does the same.

I’ve often had parents of young adults bemoan the fact that their children aren’t following God.  “We took them to church: I don’t know what happened.”  I have yet to see a child, whose parents CONSISTANTLY had family devotions with them, prayed with them, set a good uncompromising example before them, turn away and choose to go astray.

We put sports, shopping, working, family, vacation, and EVERYTHING else before God and then wonder why our children do the same!!!  Wanda, aren’t you getting a little legalistic?  Correction: legalism is anything that one does to work his way into heaven, so, no – I’m not being legalistic.  Wanda, you just aren’t in step with the world.  AMEN and HALLELUJAH!!!

I once told a Sunday school class of senior high students that if they were coming to church just because their parents made them, I would GUARANTEE that as soon as they graduated, they would not be in church.  One young man vehemently told me that he came of his own accord. (I’m not sure why he was so upset – I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything.)  Let me see: that was over ten years ago, and of the eight that I can remember: that young man is dead after a life of running from the Lord, two young men do not attend church, one girl is divorced.  Praise God, one of the young men is faithful and two couples came out of that group – one set serves the Lord in the pastorate!

The most difficult part of the ministry is watching kids fall away from the Lord and ruin their lives.  I see it in the elementary age students, and here’s the problem:

“Sow a thought – reap an action;

Sow an action – reap a habit;

Sow a habit – reap a character;

Sow a character – reap a destiny!”

Dear reader, this principle is true for negative actions/habits as well as positive ones.  Would you please look in the mirror of God’s Word and allow it to change you?  Your child’s destiny dramatically depends upon it.

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”  Mt 13:25

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