The Indiscriminate Killer

Lately, it seems as though I hear about another person having cancer every other day, and age, gender, and lifestyle are inconsequential. For us, it has hit very close to home on several fronts, and, to be quite honest, it’s very unnerving. Will I be next? Can I do anything to prevent it from happening to me or my loved ones?

There are certainly things that we do and don’t do that can increase or decrease our chances of getting cancer, but we are seeing healthy, clean-living (non-smokers, active, etc.) people getting cancer and dying. God has His reasons. For me, it has clarified what is truly important in life.

While we need to live this life, it is so easy to get our eyes off the significant things. This world is NOT our home! We ARE just passing through, and the amount of affect we have on others for eternity is the real deal. Because of the suffering and eminent death caused by cancer, I’m asking myself some questions:

·       What is the most important thing in my life?

·       Am I shining as brightly as I can, living my faith before others?

·       Is there a word  that I can give to those around me to encourage them to think about God/eternity/salvation —friends, acquaintances, passersby and family?

·       Can I give a Gospel tract even though I’m wearing that stupid mask? (Just a personal struggle for me!)

It’s not about the paint or the new bedspread, Wanda, it’s about the person behind the counter!

Death—we will all face it sooner or later. This week, after attending a graveside service, Tom and I had lunch at one of our favorite spots. However, we couldn’t eat in the dining area but were seated in the sport’s bar section instead. It was midafternoon and the place was quiet, but as I glanced at the various screens showing sports events, I couldn’t help thinking that all those young, healthy players were not thinking about death. They were focused on winning the game. They were dedicating their lives to a game! I am not criticizing them, but I am allowing God to turn the spotlight on my life’s ambitions.

Dear reader, there is so much at stake! Souls all around us are missing the bigger picture. Do you really believe there is an eternal life and two options of eternal residency for every person on this earth? Is there something that you can do—one life that you can affect for eternity?

“Be a missionary every day, Tell the world that Jesus is the way.

Be it in the town or country or the busy avenue.

Africa, or Asia, the task is up to you.”

And if you are facing the indiscriminate killer, I hope these words can be a blessing to you. They were written for two dear friends of mine out of a broken heart. God is faithful. God is good—ALWAYS GOOD.

Friend of Light

The darkness, Lord, overwhelms me,
This valley is so  low.
Oh, Father, it is the valley of death.
My Lord, must I go?

I’ve not been this way before,
And I fear this sacred cross.
You’ve promised Your presence and Your grace,
But why do I feel so lost?

“When there’s no hope and the shadows are long,
And the path seems to only go down, down, down;
I have promised to be with you around every bend,
And I will be with you to the very end.

It is dark right now, the darkest of nights,
But remember, my son, I’m your Friend of Light.

When I come, I bring brightness,
My Words light the way.
Let my Spirit sing My Message
And turn your night to day.”

His Words come to me,
And in the inky black,
My Father of Light
Chases the shadows back,

Until the dreaded darkness
Of turmoil, doubts, and fears,
Dissolve before the dawning
Of His Precious Light, so dear.

The Prince of Peace is near me.
His Comfort calms my pain.
I understand the words now:
“For me to die is gain.”

~ Wanda MacAvoy

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light,

and in him is no darkness at all.”
1 John 1:5

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