Something just for you!

With the Christmas holiday upon us, perhaps you need to take a moment and just relax… with a good book!  I have just the thing for YOU!

BookCoverImage - CopyI really enjoyed writing this little book.  It’s under one hundred pages and might be just what you need to get into the Christmas spirit!


BUT WAIT… there’s more…


BookCoverImage (2)

This little collection of seven short stories are all based on Bible characters (except for the first one–that one is “out of this world!”)  I had fun putting these together throughout the year, actually starting last year with a story about Mary called, “Chosen.”






BookCoverImage (1)AND, if you just have loads of time and are looking for a quick, easy read, seven hundred page story, then this one’s for you!!!

“Strong Delusion” includes all three Books of the End Time Trilogy for you, and is just as much about making right choices for parents and teens as it is about prophecy.


So, Merry Christmas!! I wish I could just give them to you, but… 🙂


There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.

–Josh Jameson


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