Spirit Rock

It seems as though my life has centered around the Susquehanna River. Both Tom and I grew up on different branches of the river and we met at Susquehanna University, which sits on the river below where the two branches join. (Isn’t that romantic!)

I’ve always been fascinated with the Susquehannock tribe, which roamed this area over 400 years ago. So when the Lord led me to write my next book, He led me to the Susquehannocks by a number of circumstances…

  • I wonder if anyone has ever stood on the rocky ledges that I would see on my way to work?
  • It seems as though it would be a sacred spot.
  • I wonder if any animal sacrifices were ever offered there?
  • What if a young Indian teen made a pet of a poor, pathetic, half-starved bear?
  • What if his grandfather, the chief, felt it was necessary to make an example of such a wrong decision?
  • How would Ahanu, the young teen, react? Would he feel hurt, revengeful, angry?
  • And, what if he meets up with David Brainerd who happened to make a trek as far west as French Margaret’s Town, today’s Newberry Borough adjacent to Williamsport, PA?

I’ve learned so much about these wonderful people who roamed this land freely for centuries.  Follow Ahanu as he not only makes the journey of a lifetime but also a journey of faith.

I admit, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I recently found out that you can listen to a book on kindle! Interested? Check it out at Amazon!