Twelve Smooth Stones

Twelve Smooth Stones inf book form!

Twelve Smooth Stones is my “firstborn pride and joy.” It was the book I’d never choose to write because is begins in the holocaust, a topic I have always avoided. But the Lord had laid on my heart to write a “modern-day Esther” story. Where else to set it than in 1944, as Hitler rampages through Europe, murdering millions of Jews and others who did not fit the description of his superior race?

Esther Ruth Raul is sixteen when the knock comes to her family’s front door and life is forever changed. But, like Queen Esther, God had a plan. SS Officer Kurt Gerstein, a nonfictional character, is horrified at what he sees in the concentration camps. He chooses young women to live a life they would never want in order to save their lives.

Travel with Esther from post-war Germany to Israel and then to America where she finally sees the truth about Jesus Christ. Can God use an heirloom locket of her great, great grandmother to reveal the truth through a Bible Club teacher? Our God can do anything! Over and over, God does the unexpected in Esther’s life, showing Himself to be the strong, compassionate God He is.

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