In My Father’s House

Poetry is an odd thing. It springs up at the strangest moments! This morning while doing my devotions on Psalm 23, I was inspired! The booklet that I’m using suggested writing out the psalm in my own words, and for the last verse I wrote:

“There is absolutely no doubt that Your goodness—all those wonderful attributes, including mercy—will shadow my life, sweetening as well as strengthening every step. And best of all—I will dwell with You—in my Father’s house—forever!“

Psalm 23

May it be a blessing to you and an encouragement to keep looking up!

In my Father’s house
There’s no sickness or pain,
No angry words or violence,
No hatred or disdain.

In my Father’s house—
No enemies or strife,
No conflict, no stress,
No tears, no end of life.

In my Father’s house
Lives the righteous and the clean,
The chosen and all those who chose—
All those who’ve been redeemed.

Dwelling there—oh, such delight!
Words cannot express,
Nor can the most gifted pen
Begin to say it best.

The thought of dwelling in His house
Brings joy to this old heart!
It fills this life with hope and peace,
And soon divides the dark.

In My Father’s house,
Oh thoughts—dwell there today,
When days are long and life is hard
And darkness clouds the way.

And watch those spots upon your soul
Dispel like drops of dew,
And know beyond the shadowy doubt,
His love shines down on you!

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