Born-again in the Middle East?

News is everywhere! All kinds of information, all stripes of opinions, good and bad. The following excerpt is from The Worldview in 5 minutes by Adam McManus and he includes links to the site. He ALWAYS starts with a clip about persecuted Christians. It has helped to keep my eyes on this world’s salt! Mr. McManus always ends with a bit of good news. It’s a wonderful conservative balance. I am sharing the first clip because it was so inspiring! Enjoy!

It’s Friday, September 23rd, A.D. 2022. This is The Worldview in 5 Minutes heard at I’m Adam McManus. (

By Adam McManus

How one man came to Christ in the Middle East

Hayel lives in the Middle East among the Druze, a religious sect with 1.5 million adherents, found primarily in LebanonSyriaIsrael, and Jordan. The Druze make up 5.5% of the population of Lebanon, 3% of Syria, and 1.6% of Israel.

In an interview with Voice of the Martyrs Radio, Hayel was on a search for the truth.

HAYEL: “I read a lot of religious books, obviously. But I read the Quran. I read a bit of the Druze religion as well. I read the Torah. And then I say, ‘I must read the Bible as well.’ And when I read it, I, straight away, I find myself there. This is the real God. This is the Lord. I couldn’t leave the Bible until I, every day, I read it in my life. I practice it as well as much as I can.”

Inspired by the example of the Christians he knew, Hayel started reading the Bible. He learned the truth first-hand. In its pages, he knew he’d found the One True God.

HAYEL: “Everybody know that Christian people is a very good people. They’re very nice people. They’re very helpful people. They have sympathy. They do all good things. It didn’t come from nothing. Obviously, this must come from their religion.

“So, I was curious to know what they reading there. Why this people is like that? When I start reading and then I knew what happened. Myself, I changed a lot as well because the Bible really can change anybody. Everybody listen now. If he read the Bible, he can change, even if you have a lot of problem or whatever. God will be with him.”

Having found the truth in Jesus Christ, Hayel couldn’t keep himself from sharing the good news with his fellow Druze—even knowing he would be persecuted for doing so.

Despite the fact that Hayel was forbidden to share his Christian faith, he refused to stop. Ultimately, he was kicked out of his home and ostracized, but he regards that sacrifice as nothing compared to knowing Jesus.

1 Peter 4:14 says, “If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.”

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