Friend of Light

Last night, we took my mom to see Christmas lights. She is like a little child when it comes to lights—always has been. It brought to mind this poem I wrote for a dear friend who is now with the Lod, spending his first Christmas in the very presence of God. As I reread the poem, I realized just how much we need the True Light of God, not just at Christmas, not just in death, but for every moment of our day.

If you are in a dark place just now, go to the True Light—Jesus Christ. Light ALWAYS dispels darkness.

The darkness, Lord, overwhelms me,
This valley is so low.
Oh, Father, it is the valley of death.
My Lord, must I go?

I’ve not been this way before,
And I fear this sacred cross.
You’ve promised Your presence and Your grace,
But why do I feel so lost?

“When there’s no hope and the shadows are long,
And the path seems to only go down, down, down;
I have promised to be with you around every bend,
And I will be with you to the very end.

It is dark right now, the darkest of nights,
But remember, my son, I’m your Friend of Light.

When I come, I bring brightness,
My Words light the way.
Let my Spirit sing My Message
And turn your night to day.”

His Words come to me,
And in the inky black,
My Father of Light
Chases the shadows back,

Until the dreaded darkness
Of turmoil, doubts, and fears,
Dissolve before the dawning
Of His Precious Light, so dear.

The Prince of Peace is near me.
His Comfort calms my pain.
I understand the words now:
“For me to die is gain.”

~ Wanda MacAvoy

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light,
and in him is no darkness at all.
1 John 1:5

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