“That Still Small Voice” or “Lessons From a Trash Can”

On Friday, I was subbing as a secretary at our SMALL local  high school.  It was a bit of a hectic day which ended in a flurry of activity: One of the buses had broken down, which meant that we needed to keep the students an extra twenty minutes – on a FRIDAY!  However, ‘alls well that ends well,’ and by three-thirty, everyone was on their way home, except me:  I needed to stay until four.

I usually take along my thumb drive, so that if there is any extra time, I can get some of my paperwork done.  That day, I was very pleased with what I had accomplished, but I was looking forward to a quiet night to finish proof-reading my next book.  What does that have to do with the trash can or a still small voice?

I am habitually forgetting something when I leave: my water bottle, my travel mug, etc. So, I was very careful to look around and gather all my things.  Five minutes before I was ready to leave, a call came in: This woman’s son didn’t get off the bus, but the neighbor children said that he was on the bus.  I’m not sure what she wanted me to do, but when the clock struck four, I was ready to be out the door!

I pushed in my chair and knocked over the trash can under the desk.  Perhaps I am a bit too transparent – I really hate to admit this next part: I thought, the custodian will get it.  Nothing spilled out.  It’s not a big deal.  But, that still small voice quickly rebuked me, and as I reached under the desk to get the can, I noticed that my thumb drive was still in the computer!  Had I left it, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the work that I was dying to do when I got home.  (I have found that I could spend all day and night writing!!)

What a lesson!  What a rebuke!  What a time of rejoicing that my precious Lord was so piteous to me, a filthy rotten sinner!  It wasn’t that big of a deal – it was just a matter of doing what was right; and for that little act of obedience, God greatly rewarded me!

If we don’t listen to that still small voice in the little things, we will totally miss the two by four God is sending our way when we are bent to destroy our lives!  Never let Satan deceive you into thinking anything is too small to matter!  Others may laugh , but you will be blessed for your sensitive spirit!

 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself:

but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Proverb 22:3

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