God’s thoughts on the State of the Union

“And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth,

and it grieved him at his heart.”

Genesis 6:6


Did God make a mistake when He created man?  Does this verse say that God was sorry that He created man?  Let’s take this to the ridiculous extreme!  Is it possible that this whole world and all that we know as humans is just an experiment on God’s part?  Did He start this whole thing just to see what would happen?  Is it possible that His creation has gotten out of hand?!  Maybe Satan IS going to win!  Maybe Satan and his minions have gained so much force that he will win the battle of the ages.  Maybe…

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the human mind can spin out of control and go to places that border on the ridiculous?  Perhaps you have thought these thoughts.  May I encourage you in this:  It’s not the wrong thoughts that are the  greater problem but the wrong conclusions. (HOWEVER, wrong thinking ought to be avoided BECAUSE of where it can lead!)

God created man in His image. Wow!!! That is an amazing thought! His creation – mankind – derailed terribly from the design which God began.  Satan, God’s enemy and ours, couldn’t wait to get his hands on man’s free will and bend it to his design.  But know for certain: Nothing in the history of man has ever caught God by surprise.  Nothing in your life has ever caught God by surprise – our Father planned it all!

Matthew Henry has such a way with words, and his thoughts on this passage are invaluable:

This language does not imply any passion or uneasiness in God (nothing can create disturbance to the Eternal Mind), but it expresses his just and holy displeasure against sin and sinners, against sin as odious to his holiness and against sinners as obnoxious to his justice. He is pressed by the sins of his creatures (Am 2:13), wearied (Isa 43:24), broken (Eze 6:9), grieved (Ps 95:10), and here grieved to the heart, as men are when they are wronged and abused by those they have been very kind to, and therefore repent of their kindness, and wish they had never fostered that snake in their bosom which now hisses in their face and stings them to the heart.

Take courage in the knowledge that our wonderful God knows exactly what He is doing, even in America.  He knows the state of the Union better than anyone.  His plans may be frightening, but they are ALWAYS good!  We may see our lives get even more difficult, but that doesn’t mean that God is unaware or that He doesn’t care!  How big is your view of God?  How much will you trust Him?  Those are good questions – the conclusion is up to us!

“God repented that he had made man; but we never find him repenting that he redeemed man (though that was a work of much greater expense)…”  Matthew Henry


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