Duty or Delight

I’m heading to a Dodge Ball Teen activity.  I’ve made the taco fixins’ and am just about ready to roll.  I keep telling the Lord that at age fifty-three, it’s time for someone else to do teens!  Aren’t I too old, tired and grumpy?!!

For any of you ladies that are in the Sunday School class, this weeks lesson has me thinking about “A Heart of Love.”  What is love?  How do we show love?  Who or what do we love and why?

Do I love these teens – yes.  Do I want to play Dodge Ball – no!  Sitting and reading a book (actually, sitting and WRITING a book) sounds good to me; but duty calls.  And here’s the lesson, folks.  When I get over to that gym, duty turns into delight.  I will probably play ball (and my body will rebel tomorrow morning!), but I will love it!

Why do it?  Because somewhere down the road, I pray that a life will be touched, a heart drawn closer to God because we took the time to spend some time together, having fun and living out our faith!  Our kids and our churches are DYING for a lack of love!  Only the love of Christ will send us beyond our limits, beyond our comfort zone and to the work!  So, get out there!  Push a broom, feed a family, house a missionary, join the choir, change a diaper – your duty will turn into delight, and our wonderful Savior will shower you with blessings!

 “And I will make them and the places round about my hill (Steam Valley – which happens to be on a mountain for those of you who haven’t come to see us yet!  Ya’ll come!!) a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.” Eze 34:26


5 thoughts on “Duty or Delight

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  2. This simple truth is what defines a growing Christian from a stagnant Christian. If we are not willing to serve (be on duty) then we haven’t really grown up spiritually and therefore do not reap one of the biggest blessings of a growing walk with Christ – delight!


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