Life and Death

This morning I received the very sad news of a college friend’s death.  She had been battling cancer, and left behind her husband and two teen sons.  How tragic!  She had accomplished so much in her lifetime; I always felt intimidated by her success.  Now, she’s gone – I can’t seem to comprehend it.

How do we deal with death and dying?  I can’t help thinking of the verse: “Oh death where is thy sting?”  As a Christian, we know that death will not be final, but there is a sting in death.  It hurts to think of a loved one being separated from us.  I can’t even imagine it!  Somehow, it doesn’t seem fair that I was celebrating the life of my grandson while this dear friend was grappling with death and dying.

Please forgive me, but I must share my heart with you, even though I feel as though I know nothing about sorrow.  I’m not the one to write about this:  I have lost my grandmother and my father, but in both situations, they were having such physical difficulties, that I was relieved to see the suffering end.

Is there any hope or peace apart from the grace of God?  No, a thousand times – NO!  He is the only One that we can turn to in our time of need.  Who could possibly give us any answers concerning death other than the One who conquered death for us?  In times like these, we understand Horatio Spafford’s words:

When peace like a river attendeth my way,

When sorrow like sea billows roll,

Whatever my lot, Thou HAS TAUGHT ME to say:

It is well, IT IS WELL with my soul.

How do we know that God’s grace is sufficient to make our souls ‘well’?  We don’t know, until we need to know!  I can’t explain it, dear friend; but my simple faith has leaned on those Everlasting Arms time and time again, and has found peace in time of sorrow, strength in time of weakness, provision in time of want, the answer to every question, forgiveness for every sin, a friend in time of aloneness.   He IS the All-sufficient One!  What an amazing truth that He can also be my VERY BEST FRIEND as well.

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