What do You Like to Read

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What do you like to read?  Are you tired of the same old boy-meets-girl scenario, where their meeting is ruinous, and you spend the rest of your time reading about what you already knew would happen?  I was, so I wrote Twelve Smooth Stones.  For Christians who are attempting to live a holy life, many books that do have a great storyline are also filled with foul language and intimate scenes with too much information.

My purpose for writing books is fourfold:

  1. I wanted to give the Christian world a good read – a plot that twists and turns to a surprise ending.
  2. I wanted to keep it clean so that a sanctified reader wouldn’t need to worry about what he or she might read on the next page.
  3. As a lover of history, I chose to write historical fiction, so that my readers would not only be safely entertained but would learn to appreciate others real-live struggles as well.
  4. I wanted to write about genuine Biblical salvation: what it looks like and how the struggle unfolds into the best decision a person can make.

8 thoughts on “What do You Like to Read

    1. I feel like I’m having one big reunion with this blog! Thanks for writing and your encouragement! Hope you are all well! I think of your family with fond memories!!


  1. Hello Wanda – I feel privileged to have discovered your blog and the wonderful and beautifully written content on it (thanks to the link on Steam Valley’s Facebook page). Looking forward to more information on your book! Take care, Doleen Hood (Cy and Sonja Hughes’ daughter from Rochester, NY).


    1. Thanks, Doleen. It’s been a very new experience, but God is using it in my life and hopefully in others as well! Another “coming soon” is a web site for the church. Tom is working on it and it’s in process! 🙂


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