Newest novel!! “Cleft Rock”

This has been one of the most enjoyable books to write for several reasons. First, it is a historical fiction but I didn’t have to do tons of research, making it much simpler to write. Second, it is based on my childhood home and family. Drawing from my childhood memories and weaving it into a tale filled with the wonder of God’s almighty hand in the lives of His people also made it a joy to write. It has its twists that will keep you reading while giving you a glimpse into the makings of this crazy writer!!!

SYNOPSIS: When Jack Kilgus discovers ancient coins deposited into the cleft of Spirit Rock centuries before, he’s a rich man, just not rich enough to buy the Miller farm—the place he’s always admired.

However, Derick Singer draws up an investment plan for Jack that can make it happen, but when he discovers the truth about the man he hardly knew, it’s too late.

Will his disappointments and loss drive him further from the God his wife, Jill, knows and loves? How can any good possibly come from all this?

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