God Leads Us Along

I get a bit annoy when new artists do not add any references to the original writer. Such is the case with this beautiful, old hymn, and then I read your biography of George A Young and his dear wife! Thanks for your labors to find the backstory. To God be the glory!!!!

Wordwise Hymns

Words: George A. Young (c. 1855 to 1935)
Music: George A. Young

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Note: This is a fine gospel song, though its origins are obscure. As students of hymnology, we continue to look for more data about the author.  Information for the “P.S.” to this post comes from Al Smith’s Treasury of Hymn Histories, by Alfred B. Smith (Dickinson Press Incorporated, 1981).

George Young was a carpenter, and a preacher of the gospel. In the late nineteenth century he laboured in obscurity, serving small rural areas in the United States. Today, there is not even a reliable record of the dates of his birth and death. (A guess would be approximately 1855 and 1935, respectively.) Often his income was so small he had difficulty supporting his wife and family. Even so, he kept on diligently serving the Lord.

Finally, after a great…

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