While sorting through my mom’s things, I came across this poem in a card to my dad. His sister had passed away and it may have been the first time I lost an aunt or uncle. Death is universal and yet so personal. As I read the poem, it was a blessing and I decided to pass it on! Blessings to you, especially those who are grieving.

The days of our lives keep moving on,

Our Father’s timepiece never falters,

Ages and kingdoms have come and gone,

But God’s plan will not be altered.

Our passing here on earth goes quickly,

Memories fly into the breeze;

Years of days, and days of moments

Make a lifetime of toil and ease.

But those we love are not forgotten,

Times we shared; joys we knew.

Treasured memories of our family—

No one knows them quite like you.

Keep on keeping all those memories

Alive and cherished in your heart.

And take the time to live the moment,

Living fully till we part.

Look above for strength and comfort,

Trust the Savior and His Word,

He’s the Friend that never changes—

He’s the God Who keeps His Word:

Promised hope in times of sorrow,

Promised life if we believe,

Promised grace for each tomorrow,

Promised peace when Christ’s received.

Memories past keep our hearts tender,

Memories yet made can give us hope.

Looking back brings sweet, sweet moments,

Looking forth gives grace to cope.

~written for my Dad at the time of his sister’s death.

Are you grieving? Do you have a Bible verse that has helped you through that you would like to share?

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