Hints of Redemption

This may not float your boat, it did not float my husband’s boat! We are all so different. His mind works differently than mine, and I AM SOOOOO GLAD! But, if you are a mystery lover, this mystery in scripture may speak to your heart.

On one thing we can all agree–God has a message for the people of the world: REDEMPTION. He could have written it in the stars (and if you want to see one interpretation (mine!) about that, read Ryan’s testimony of salvation). If he chooses to write a message in the names of the preflood patriarchs, so be it!

If we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm139) in the image of God, then could it be that we mystery-lovers are shining for that image of God as well? I hope so! Read on and be blessed by the mighty, awesome, wonderful, mysterious God we serve!

Days of Praise

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