Eight Dollar Teapot

10 YEARS ago!! Where is the time going? Yep, we still have the teapot! When I saw the Bible verse, I thought this post would go well with this week’s podcast: Contentment!

Beyond Common Sense

Last fall my husband and I had a wonderful get-away-time at Cape May, NJ.  It was in October, so the beach was very quiet.  Our hotel sat right on the beach which gave us a side view of the ocean.  (Front view rooms were way too expensive. I really think the hotel should have been called The Ugly Duckling, as it sat there kind of squatty and plain among all the beautiful mansion-type bread and breakfasts!)

We SO enjoyed the beach – in fact, dear husband came back from an early morning walk with SEVEN conch shells in his pockets!  What a treasure!  We rented bikes, toured the local historical sites, and had a WONDERFUL RESTFUL escape.

On one of our excursions, we visited a little shop called “Tea by the Sea.” It was a mix of two shops: the one was totally tea and everything to do with tea…

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