The Power of the Sun

(written on September 15th, 2021) Here we are, at one of our favorite spots, Myrtle Beach. As we checked in the desk clerk said,”I think
more and more people are discovering a well-kept secret: that September and October are some of the
best times to come here.” Ditto. It’s less crowded, a quieter crowd, not as hot but still very warm, and
the water is still warm. In fact, yesterday it was shockingly warm! Oh, how I love the ocean!

The other nice thing about this time of year is that sunrise is later, 6:57 today. As we walked and
watched for that glorious moment, I’m always fascinated by its speedy rise. Today, it was not spectacular
beyond its normal spectacle, just a bright reddish orb with very few clouds or tinted atmosphere. What
was more fascinating to me was the other people on the beach. When the sun appeared, everyone stood still,
their eyes fixed on that spot on the horizon. Were they worshiping the sun? I don’t believe so. Maybe.
Were they contemplating its rise and the fact that it was not moving, but we were. Probably very few. Were any of them, thinking about the Son of God? I know at least two were. 🙂

I couldn’t help thinking of the day when every knee “can”, “might”, “may”, “should” bow? “ Every knee will bow
and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Romans 14:11). Can you even imagine? Can you
picture a scene where everyone recognizes who Jesus is? They know Him and love Him and truly bow to
worship Him? Oh, glorious day! Revelation tells us that we will do just that for all eternity. But can I let you in
on another little, sadly, well-kept, not-talked-about, taught-or-preached secret? We will get a preview of
that glorious time here on earth (Revelation 20:2-6).

Some born-again believers fear the Rapture—Christ’s coming to snatch His followers away. It’s
understandable that people want to experience life’s blessed moments: love, marriage, children, vacations at the beach. But friend, at least at the beginning of the Millennium, we will do all of that, only ten times
more! 1,000 years to marry, raise children, live and love, and watch the Son rise and worship Him WITH

So, what will you see today that will stop you long enough to think and worship your God? A child at play? The beauty of a cloudless day? A gurgling stream? A peace-filled heart in the midst of cancer? The gentle crashing ocean waves? A husband’s smile?

As Adam McManus says at the end of his program, The World View in 5 Minutes( , which I highly recommend wholeheartedly: seize the day for Jesus Christ.

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