Jacob’s Ladder Reached Down Tonight


This week, a dear friend and church member went to be with the Lord. His battle with cancer ended while in his home surrounded by family. When my husband was called to come to the house, early in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep. The following poem kept rattling around in my brain, and I’ve learned from experience that I need to get up and write or I’ll forget till morning!

Death—what a horrible thing! We all must face it, and most will stand by a loved one as he or she walks through it. Oh, I cannot even imagine walking through the valley of death without my Savior! No hope! No eternity! No peace! No comfort! How sad!

But for the believer, it truly is a momentary struggle to pass over to the other side. I’m not saying it isn’t a difficult struggle. I’ve never made the journey, but as I watch those dear saints go on to glory, I rejoice at the strength they show. Is there any greater testimony for our lost loved ones?

We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.
1 John 3:14

Jacob’s Ladder reached down tonight;
The soul of a suffering saint took flight.
Amidst the wee hours of early dawn,
While the air was hushed and curtains drawn.

Against the cold, dark night
His soul took flight.

Earthly days—eternal hours,
The battle raged between unseen powers.
Life held on by a silver thread.
Death loomed near, its ghastly dread,

Till the Lord said, “Come,”
To our dear loved one.

The battle was over. He sighed his last.
The pain was gone. The struggle passed.
Grief at our loss consumes our hearts,
But just beyond, his new life starts.

The ladder drops, the angels come
To greet the saint and take him home.

In awe and wonder, he now can see
All, that for years, his heart believed:
Celestial wonder! What a sight!
His eyes are wide with glory bright.

Heavenly joys in darkest night
Turns earth’s shadows to radiant light.

Across a meadow so lush and green,
Like nothing he has ever seen,
He runs and laughs, so light and free,
Until the One he longs to see

Is there before him,
Reaching for him.

He falls into the arms he loves:
His Savior, Who, from heaven above,
Has led his steps along the way,
Which led to this delightful day,

When faith becomes sight—
Day dispels night.

He’s with his Savior, face to face.
No more tears, No need of grace.
His body rests, and though life seems gone,
He’s just moved on to his heavenly home.

“Peace,” he whispers to our hearts.
“Peace, until we ne’re again part.”

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