The Whole Truth

Last night we watched an episode of the Ties That Bind, and on it the detective arrested a sweetheart soccer player. Later, a video came out showing the violence used by the officer against the soccer player, and, of course, she was suspended.

The whole show then centered around trying to get to the truth because the video had been spliced to only include the arrest and not the footage of the female soccer player kicking and resisting and pushing the officer.

How often do we see only what we want to see? This post is dedicated to Bob Jones University. I did not attend there, as I’ve said before, but my husband did all of our three children did, as well as my three children-by-choice. I love that school but so often they only receive the negative publicity. Even born-again Believers tend to hear what they want to hear about the school.

One of the greatest drawing cards in my opinion is the new president Dr. Steve Pettit. For over 30 years he was an evangelist, taking college students with him as part of his team. He knows young people’s hearts and has a passion for them. His Bible knowledge is amazing and his presentation excellent. I can’t imagine the impact that he is having on those privileged students who attend the university. If I had a child that was looking at colleges this college would be my top choice. To have my teenaged child sitting under his preaching every week would be a dream come true! Couple that with an excellent education and you win on every argument.

I know many good people have slammed the school and they are free to have their opinions. But as I listen to the chapel messages and I see the school diligently seeking to stay in tune with the world in which we live without compromising doctrinal issues, it pushes me to wave a banner high for the school. No one is perfect. No school is perfect. But if you’re looking for a place where students’ hearts are challenged and skills are honed to be effective in taking the gospel to the world in which we live, then Bob Jones University is a place for you. 

“What rules the heart wags the tongue.”

Steve Pettit

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

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