I Love Evolution

Webster defines evolution as:

  1. biology : a theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time
  2. : the process by which changes in plants and animals happen over time
  3. : a process of slow change and development

This is a picture of true evolution:IMG_7494

As I was cleaning the globes in the bathroom, I thought, “How smart that these are facing downward.  That way, they don’t collect bugs!”  If you’ve ever had the upward facing kind, you know what I mean.  What a mess! So who thought of facing them downward, and why did they face upward to begin with?

Think back with me to a time before electricity.  Light came from candles, and the globes  had to open upward!  So, when electricity came into being, the globes faced upward. (This is just my hypothesis, but it makes good sense!) Then someone had a “bright” idea: evolution!

Evolution takes place all the time in our lives because people have limited knowledge and experience.  As their knowledge grows, new ideas evolve. Our experiences and situations change, and evolution happens.  It’s a wonderful thing, HOWEVER…

Our wonderful, almighty God has ALL knowledge already, and always has, even billions of years ago, before He chose to create all that we see and do not see!  He didn’t have to evolve anything!  His best creation happened exactly the way He wanted to happen, and changes or improvements were not necessary.  He created the tree frog with the ability to climb trees right from the start, because He ALWAYS knows what is best, even for a frog!

So what’s the point? Check your thinking about God.  I’d say more, but really, Greg Baker says it best on Rooted Thinking!  Check it out, and perhaps rethink your thinking? My God is so big…:)

2 thoughts on “I Love Evolution

  1. Thanks Wanda for directing us to the Rooted Thinking resource! It is very good and enjoyed reading many articles. Thank you for sharing! Any others you enjoy and encourage please let us know

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can do. I don’t follow many blogs–just don’t get much time to read them, but Rooted Thinking is special because two of our nieces’ husbands are contributors!


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