WAIT! What happened to “Common Sense for Uncommon People?”

So glad you asked!  I’ve been debating for some time about changing the name of my blog. What really triggered the change was my daily devotions with Oswald Chamber’s Devotional Bible.  Several entries have been against common sense, and it cinched the deal for me! While common sense is SO missing in our society, as born-again believers, we need to go BEYOND COMMON SENSE in our walk with God.  Common sense is essential in everyday choices; however, there are times when what we do makes NO sense, because we are walking in the steps of our Savior.  For example:

It makes no sense to leave a high-paying job to go into the ministry.

It makes no sense to head to the mission field with only 85% of your support.

It makes no sense to put your kids in a Christian school when the public schools are free and your budget is already tight.

The point is, it never makes sense to walk by faith!

So, welcome to “Beyond Common Sense.”  Same writer, same Lord, same desire to encourage believers in their walk with God–just a different name!

2 thoughts on “WAIT! What happened to “Common Sense for Uncommon People?”

  1. My brother was a minister until he developed dementia. He was never well paid, he was a locksmith to support being a minister. I had my daughter in Christian School for years, when I could barely afford to do so. Money is not the answer, God is the answer to what we do with our lives. Love your post and your new blog name.


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