How to Slay a Dragon

ID-10071121First of all, you must find the dragon and identify what kind of dragon it is.  Then, you must arm yourself accordingly.  If it is a fire-breathing dragon, then be sure to take your fire extinguisher. (Ephesians 6:16) A sword would be good, if you know how to use it.  Obviously, today you may want to take a rifle instead; although the sword would be more gallant.  Somehow, standing over a dragon with your sword piercing its tough skin seems nobler than killing it with a mere shot from afar.

So, let’s get started.  What kind of a dragon are you up against today?  Is it a message of bad news? Does that news affect you by causing fear to rise; hence fear is the real dragon! Perhaps your dragon is disappointment – someone dear to you has let you down or you have let yourself down.  How do you slay that one?  Or maybe your dragon lives within you and comes out as angry words, sarcasm, or just plain old negativity.  How do you slay these beasts?

One sure weapon against them all is THE Sword, God’s Word.  Obviously, the rifle was not a Bible weapon; however, there were other weapons that God could have used as a metaphor for His Word.  Why not an arrow, or a sling, or a javelin?  Do you notice one great difference between these weapons and a sword?  They are all long-range weapons.  You must stand close to your enemy to use a sword! Combat becomes close and personal!  You can feel the hot breath of that dragon breathing down upon your face! Coming face to face with our dragons is essential.  Too often we ignore them or pretend that they don’t exist until one of them singes our eyebrows!

And do you know how to use that Sword?  Are you familiar enough with It that you can be successful in your battle?  It took eleven to twenty-one years to become a knight – lots of time and practice in all manners of life.  If you want to be a successful dragon-slayer, you must know your weapons.

Dragons can be big.  (Actually, dragons may well have been leftover dinosaurs!)  Anyway, some dragons are just too big for one lonely person.  You may need help!  Find yourself a strong, Bible-believing, Bible-PREACHING church.  (Notice I said strong, not big.  God’s measuring stick for success is a totally different standard than ours!)  And GET INVOLVED!  Then you can slay dragons together!  Did you realize that by just sitting in Sunday school, you are sharpening your Sword (if you’re plugged in!) ?

That still will not be enough for most, if not all the dragons we will face.  Without the power of God, it will be impossible, especially for those “older” dragons that have been haunting us for years!  They have fortified themselves within our own flesh, and slaying them can not only be difficult, but painful!

Hebrew 4:12 says that “the word of God is quick (alive!), and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner  (It, or the Writer knows) of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  What a powerful weapon.  It is the only weapon that can go beneath the skin, deftly slicing and dicing our own hearts without killing us!

Oh, to think of life without any more dragons!  That day is coming, but until then, get out there and slay a few, for the kingdom’s sake and in the name of our King Emmanuel!

(We are reading a set of books called The Terrestrial Chronicles by Ed Dunlop.  It is a set of eight books, geared for children; however, they have been a wonderful source of encouragement to us.  Prince Josiah faces a myriad of enemies like Sir Discontent, Sir Covetousness and Captain Pleasure, aided by Sir Wisdom and Sir Dedication, all under the banner of King Emmanuel!  Check it out!)

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I've been blogging for several years now, and continue to be thankful for the opportunity to share my heart, as well as hone my writing skills. When I was urged to write about my passion, three things came to mind: my God, my family, and music. I am a born-again believer of Jesus Christ. My doctrine is Baptist, my stand is fundamental. I love the Word of God and want to share how it has changed my life. It is my primary passion; however, my family is the close second! God has blessed me with a wonderful godly husband who has led me and discipled me in my walk with Christ. God also gave us three wonderful children who, along with their spouses, all love the Lord and are passionate soldiers in God's army as well. Add seven grandchildren, and my heart is overflowing with praise to my God! Music comes in third and is a great burden on my heart. We all need to find what is acceptable and pleasing to God in this area. Like every area of the Christian life, we cannot just choose music because we like it.

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