A Living Legacy

Photo credit: beinggreenDo you know the names of all your grandparents?  Could you name all your great-grandparents?  (Our daughter is named after two of her great-great grandmothers; however, after we settled on her name, we found out that my great-grandmother Jenny Zeafle’s real name was Sarah!)

I was asked these questions several years ago during a sermon, and the point was that most of us could not do the latter. That we don’t even know the names of people that are intimately involved in our being here really puts life into prospective!

I am frequently told that I look just like my mother.  What their actually saying is that we both look like Weebles – you remember those cute little short ROUND characters and their slogan: “Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down.”  (Unfortunately, the falling down part isn’t true, right Mom? :))

I often heard my mom talk about her grandmother and what a sweet lady she was.  I can believe it, because her daughter, my grandmother was a sweet lady and I can say the same thing about her daughter!  We all have characteristics that we have inherited: some good, some bad; some liked, and some unliked!  But this blog is especially dedicated to another legacy – a spiritual legacy.

Dr. Don Smith passed away this week, and for most of you, that name means nothing.  He was our pastor for six years – six very important years.  We were just beginning a new path and had lots of questions!  Pastor Smith shepherded us through those searching times, feeding us on the pure Word of God.  It was under his influence that my husband felt the call to the ministry. In a very real sense, we are part of his living legacy, as are so many others.  His life reflected what he preached from the pulpit.

If I could share just one sweet memory…  I was due any day with our first son, and it must have been that spurt of energy they often mention that happens right before delivery; because, that Saturday afternoon, I made a lemon meringue pie – Pastor Smith’s favorite!  I had planned to bring it to church the following day, but God had other plans!  Labor started about five o’clock that morning, so we dropped the pie off on our way to my sister’s house (who lived much closer to the hospital).  Why did I do that, because this man was much more than just a pastor!  People who live for God have such an effect on our lives!  They shine so brightly that we are drawn to their light, just the way a moth is drawn to physical light.

What is your living legacy?  Dear young mother, those precious little gems will be your living legacy.  Don’t be afraid to “cut” out the good in order that they will reflect the “True Light” with God’s best.  And they will also need to be “buffed” once and a while! Proverbs 29:15 says, “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Set them in a beautiful setting: surround them with godly influences (mostly your own!), and one day they will “rise up, and call [you] blessed.” (Prov. 31:28)

It’s not a hard task; you don’t need to be great or do great things – you just have to shine!

(photo credit: beinggreen)

6 thoughts on “A Living Legacy

  1. Precious Wanda: What a beautiful testimony honoring Pastor Smith. He, along with his sweet wife Pat, had a wonderful impact on us as well. Even though we are a long way away from Florida, we will miss him. His prayers for our tears when we first came to Emmanuel are a part of Pastor Smith’s legacy. I don’t think he ever ceased to pray for his “family”.


  2. Hmn… over and over I am seeing testaments to the impact that the Smiths have had. Thank you for your thoughts. One thing that sticks with me to this day: I rarely walk through the quiet sanctuary at EBC without thinking of and imagining him praying through every empty pew. Praise God for faithful servants that allow Him to use their lives to enrich, challenge, encourage, and spur-on other lives. He is now on my growing list of people that I just can’t wait to look up in heaven.


    1. What a sweet memory! Praise the Lord, and yes, heaven just gets sweeter and sweeter. Praying for you folks and you upcoming move! You’ve always been a rock to us!


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