A Sweet Savour

A family in our church makes goat’s soap (Naturally Soothing), and we put small bars into our welcome packages.  The bars are stored in the church office.

Recently, I went into the office for something and caught a whiff of the beautiful smell of goat’s soap; it almost made me cry because that dear family has moved to South Dakota – a rather long commute! The lingering scent was a sweet reminder of many precious memories.

2 Corinthians  2:15 says that “we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ,”  Our lives are like the sweet incense that rose from the altar of sacrifice. As we offer our lives to His service, we become that “sweet savour of Christ” unto God.  He watches as we serve Him, fellowship one with the other, worshiping Him in spirit and truth, overlooking each other’s faults, and we rise like a sweet smell, reminding God the Father that it truly was worth sending His Son to the cross!  He looks down upon are actions and attitudes which reflect the love of his precious Son and we are a “sweet savour.”

How is it with you? When you enter into a room, is there a “sweet savour of Christ” that accompanies your words and deeds?  Does your presence send a sweet savour throughout the atmosphere, making other think of Christ?

When you go, is there a lingering “sweet savour of Christ” left behind, making others think on Jesus because your attitude and actions so graciously reflected our Savior?

What a challenge this has been to me!!!!  May the Lord bless you as you spread His sweet savour in his absence!  Oh how this stinky world needs it!

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