Free as a bird!

Freedom – isn’t that what today is all about?  Yesterday, during the morning worship service, we mentioned the names of those who had died in service to our country.  There were only a few, but each name represented a life, a loved one lost in the fight for freedom – if not ours, then someone else’s.

Freedom.  Dear American, do you realize how free you are?  You do not need any special papers to travel the entire expanse of this great country!  I remember sitting for over an hour in India because we needed permission to cross a border.  And even though there may be some who are still fighting the War Between the States, we are all Americans!  While in Israel, I was amazed at the guns we saw; even on school field trips, each chaperon, male or female, had a gun slung over his or her shoulder!

At times, I get discouraged over the sharp divisions that are slicing the great land into pieces: political parties, homosexuality, gay marriages, abortion, fiscal irresponsibility, just to name a few!  National issues threaten to destroy this great land, and so many hate America!  But what is America?  WE are America!  Just as the church is not the building but the people, the same is true for our country.  It’s not the land or the government that is America, but the people who have the privilege to live here!

Last night, my husband and I watched a movie that was set in London,England and was obviously a British-made film.  It was a fine movie, but as I watched it, I was amazed at the differences clearly seen in simple ways of life.  Years ago, Tom and I were on a mission trip to India, and after nearly twenty days in that country, my husband made this comment: “Now I see why people kiss the ground when they get off the plane!” Thank God for America!!

I’m thankful to be an American.  Our country is rich in it’s people, resources, beauty, and diversity.  I certainly don’t agree with much that is being handed down from the White House, but I praise the Lord that I have the freedom to say so!

And oh the freedom that lives in my soul!! Jesus has freed me from the penalty and power of sin!  It cannot control me unless I let it!  My life is in my Father’s hand; He loves me, and guides me and blesses me and spanks me!!!  What a wonderful life!

So, dear Christian American – take a deep breath of that wonderful clean free air and take a moment to pray: thanking God for those who have given their lives for that freedom and for the One Who gives you the life to enjoy it!

 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free,

and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

Galatians 5:1


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