A Mother’s Prayer

It is the prayer of a mother that makes this country strong.

For through a mother’s prayers, her children come to God.

On bended knee prays the mother, and the Lord will use her son;

Christian beauty springs forth in her daughter –

Because of prayer, a soul is won.

May our land be filled with mothers who will take the time to pray,

Show the love of our Savior through a living faith each day.

It is the faith of a mother that shows through word and deed:

Through trials and all fears, with each heartache and every tear.

And by the faith of a mother, the child knows that God is near –

The wandering one returns, because of faith and mother’s tears.

It is the love of a mother that cradles all life’s cares.

In the early morning hours, the troubled child will know she’s there.

And only love of a mother can sooth his tearful cry.

It makes the house a home,

and leads each child to Calvary.

May our land be filled with mothers who will take the time to pray,

Show the love of our Savior through a living faith each day.

– Wanda MacAvoy 1985

My husband and I will sing this song this morning in our worship service.  I wrote it back in 1985!  That was the year our first child was born, and I remember feeling the awesome responsibility of raising a son for Christ.

945012_10151643649125839_1720320412_nThis week, our third grandson came into the world, and once again, my heart is stirred by the same responsibility now transformed through the eyes of a grandmother!  Grandchildren give life a whole new wonderful perspective!  When all the worries and woes that this world pours into our lives try to crush out all hope and meaning to life – there are grandchildren – that next generation to rekindle that hope!

However, we also just finished a week of revival meetings with Barry Webb, and I once again realize that there is an even greater, more wonderful hope in Jesus Christ because of the mighty work that He is doing in our lives!  Many decisions were made this week, and it too gives me hope!

As Christians, nothing gives this life more meaning than the Gospel of our Savior.  Living, loving, serving and dying for the cause of Christ secures our anchor into a far better world – a world we long to see, a place called heaven.  I don’t want to go empty-handed, and God help any of us, if our poor testimony causes our children or grandchildren to miss that mark! The greater song then, is the theme song for the Preacher Boys at Bob Jones University.  May it be the song of mothers today!

Souls for Jesus,
is our battle cry
Souls for Jesus,
we’ll fight until we die!
We never will give in,
While souls are lost in sin!
Souls for Jesus,
is our battle cry!

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