Strong Delusions

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

2 Thessalonians 2:11

What a powerful statement!  To be deceived by a strong, diabolical lie – this is our enemy’s greatest tactic.  Should we be surprised?  Actually, he’s not very creative – this was his first line of defense in the garden; “Yea, hath God said?” In other words, did God really say that, and if He did, did He mean it, or can you even know what God meant or what He said; and the lie thickens and grows drawing more and more people away to hell!

I’ve been reading a book about an after-death experience.  I chose it, hoping to see perhaps the truth because, quite frankly, I’ve always been amazed that everyone that dies and returns to this life sees bright lights, and all are on their way to heaven.  Certainly, this is Satan’s most effective lie, especially in the times in which we are living – everyone is going to heaven; in fact, is there even a hell?  Yea, hath God said?

As I read on, there was no doubting the writer’s experiences and sincerity in what she saw and believed.  Faith is not the issue: faith in the truth will save you; faith in a lie will take you to hell!  Yea, hath God said…

So how do we really know the truth?  When we read these accounts, they are so genuine.  It breaks my heart to think that this person, after going through horrific trials, and then actually dying, may then end up in hell!  They’re so sincere.  After all, don’t all religions lead to God; and of course, God is in heaven…yea, hath God said?

So what was the missing element in this book and in most after-death experience books?  God is there, heaven is there, the spirit is there, but the missing ingredient is Jesus Christ!  He is not mentioned, and if He is, it’s a passing remark.  Was the cross a passing remark?  Jesus paid the horrible price of all my sins with his precious blood!  Don’t you think that if a truly blood-washed saint of God died and looked into the Face of God – the Father who sacrificed His own Son – don’t you think that the Gospel story would be the message resounding from the rooftops instead of any experience?

Strong delusions – lately, I feel as though I need to double–check every thought!  Satan seems to be on his high horse.  I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised; after all, he is the god of this world, which makes us trespassers!

So, here’s the encouraging word: If you are a true child of God, born-again, trusting in Christ alone, then you have His Spirit living within you.  When you read or hear something that makes you question: go to God in prayer, seek His Word for the right answer, and by all means, seek godly council!

We have the truth!  It is our sure defense.  My former-banker-husband often tells the story about the lesson on recognizing counterfeit money.  They did not handle, look or examine counterfeits – they handled, looked, and examined the real thing!  “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  2Timothy 2:15  I’m so thankful for your loyalty to my blog, but if you haven’t spent time in the Word, please do so!  I’m only giving you little spoonfuls, and to survive in this wicked world of lies and deceit, weneed gallons of God’s Word!

2 thoughts on “Strong Delusions

  1. Hi Wanda,
    I recently watched a program that seems to answer the question about near death experiences. Tests have shown that oxygen deprivation to the brain produces the same visions, sensations, and memories as are commonly described in near death experiences, and that they are not really “near death” experiences at all, although it may be reasonable to assume that people who are oxygen deprived prior to death can have a similar experience.


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