Keep Looking Up!

ID-100120186Well, today’s the big day – the end of the world!  And why do we know?  Because the Mayan calendar only went as far as 12/21/12.  Are you worried?  I hope not.  I often tell people that as of today, we still have 1,007 years to go before God will truly destroy this world: if the Lord came back today, those left behind would have seven years of tribulation before Jesus comes to reign on earth for a thousand years. How do I know?  That’s what the Bible teaches; however, this logic doesn’t work for anyone who doesn’t believe that the Bible is truly the inerrant all-inspired Word of God.  Have you ever thought about what that statement means?  How can anyone believe that the Bible is inerrant, much less all-inspired?

For me, one of the most profound facts about the Bible is that out of the 2,500 prophetic statements in the Bible, 2,000 have already happened exactly as the Bible foretold.  What other book can make that kind of statement?  Who could ever write a book like that except an all-knowing God?  And if the Bible is truly written by God, then wouldn’t we be wise the heed its message?  Imagine – a Book written by God given to us!  It truly is:

               B – Basic

I – Instruction

B – Before

L – Leaving

E – Earth

Would you be ready if the world ended today?  Where would you be?  Would whatever you are believing in be enough to carry you safely through eternity?

If you have any doubts about your eternal future – where you would be if this world were to end tomorrow, plug in ‘salvation’ into the search box, or just ask – I’d be glad to explain it all again!  There’s no greater joy than to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Even though such predictions are ludicrous to the believer, they still give us opportunities to break out of our earthly routine and look up!

 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Mt 24:36

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