Stay in the Battle!

Well, we’ve gone from Rosie the Riveter to Susie the Spackler to Sandy the Sander and now: Patty the Painter, all in one week!  During that time, the ministry marches on: the cares and concerns do not cease.  At times, I wonder if we’re making a difference.

As I talked with a coworker who goes to a contemporary church and he tells me that the church runs about one hundred fifty people, half of which are children, and that they are going to build soon…I wonder, are we making a difference?

We’re in a battle, folks.  If you are trying to live a godly separated (I didn’t say isolated which is often the accusation) life, then you will always be the minority!  I am not against that church.  I praise God for every soul that is saved, every life that is touched and encouraged to Christ-likeness; however, I question the validity of bringing the world into the church.

When I went to the Lord this morning for nourishment from His Word, I have to admit, I was a bit droopy.  I prayed for guidance and wisdom and He gave it abundantly!  Praise His Name!

In the Feature, A Daily Bible Study Guide ( devotional booklet that we use, the study has been about David.  Today was specifically about his battle with Goliath.  Have you ever thought about everyone’s reaction to his choice of five smooth stones?  Ridiculous – sort of like the reaction I got from another pastor’s wife when I told her we use hymns and CCM (Classical Contemporary Music!!!!)  “You’ll never draw a crowd with that,” she said, and she was right!  But is that our vision, our focus?  Sure, I want to see the place packed out, but I am convinced that if I use the world’s weapons I will not be slaying giants but rather, creating more!  Five smooth stones – David chose his weapons wisely even though all of Israel – his own people – thought he was crazy!  He refused the king’s armor!  Can you imagine?  That took a lot of nerve; no, it took a lot of faith in God.

As I was listening to a sermon this week by Dr. Mark Minnick, (  The Struggle to Believe God is Good OCTOBER 9TH, 2012), he said that at times when we walk by faith, we cannot even trust what are eyes are seeing.  All around us, church after church, family after family are falling under the spell of the other CCM!  It is a giant of epic proportion!  Beware!  If we are feeding our flesh and tickling the Spirit, there will be consequences!

Paul tells us to “…walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.” (Ga 5:16)  It’s a daily battle, but there are so many consequences that follow a shallow, worldly life – I’m just not going to risk it!  That little guy at the top is just one of the reasons.  We determined to give our grandchildren godly parents and the music we fed their little hearts was a vital part of that commitment!  Stay in the battle, folks!

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