One Stupid Thing

This morning I realized that I had done something stupid yesterday.  (Well, one thing that I could remember!)  I had made play-dough for the kids for the Junior Church lesson and put it into Ziploc baggies.  As I was lying in bed this morning going through the day, I remembered the play-dough, thinking that I shouldn’t have zipped them all shut because they were still warm.  My fears were correct – we had play-goo instead of play-dough!  So, added to the list of things to do this morning was to make another batch!  Thankfully, I was up early; all the family (except Nathan, boo hoo) were coming for dinner, so I had quite a “to do” list: peel carrots and onions, set the table, fix the roast, not to mention the usual: go over the choir number and practice the special.

Praise the Lord, everything worked out just fine.  Old Scratch tried to stick his stinky toe into the mess a couple of times, but the Lord gave the victory.

Lesson: what is that stupid thing that you just keep doing over and over again?  Where do you need to have a victory in your life?  You see, I was able to make another batch of play-dough, but you can’t rebuild the character of your children.  Those stupid things, those bad habits that we just won’t give up or won’t conquer through the power of the cross can wreak havoc in molding a child; not to mention that they also ruin our relationships and mar our testimony.

You know the sad thing about this whole scenario?  As I was zipping up the bags, a little voice said, “Maybe you should keep them open until they’re cool.”  AND I DIDN’T LISTEN!!!  Sound familiar?  How often does the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear, “You really shouldn’t say that, or think that, or do that – and I turn a deaf ear?

Fellow struggler – take the plunge: make this week different.  Go forth and conquer just one of those stupid things!  Don’t forget: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Php 4:13




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