My computer finally bit the dust.  For a while, I was using the church’s laptop, but it has screen issues.  Now, I’m using Nathan’s laptop – he’s so gracious. 

Because I wasn’t on my computer, I didn’t have my password for my blog (among other things!), so I couldn’t get into my site to write anything!  Talk about feeling totally disconnected and handicapped!  It’s amazing to me how dependent I’ve become on this machine!  A day without the computer is like a day without sunshine!

Disconnected – aren’t you glad that can never be said about or relationship with God – at least, that is true on His end!  He gives us so many promises in the Bible.  Just this morning, my husband shared this verse with me from his devotions: “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.”  (Song of Sol. 7:10)  Now that verse would be special enough if it was just spoken to a wife from her husband, but the verse is from God to me!  His desire is towards me – He not only sees me but wants me!  That’s quite a connection!

Sad to say, we often break the connection.  Do you hang up on God?  Has He been ringing your number and you are ignoring Him?  Why do we do that? He offers us so many blessings; and yes, there is a cost: obedience, which often requires us to put our will aside and do His.  AND, we often do not see the blessings; however, remember: the rose has it’s thorns before the flower appears!

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew  theegreat  and mighty things , which thou knowest  not.” Jer. 33:3



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