Many Hands…

My garden is finally all planted and serving up lessons right and left!  This week, my son Nathan helped me finish planting.  We worked side by side, chatting as we worked.  Whoever said, “Many hands make light work” was right!  That extra set of hands made the job go a lot faster, but that wasn’t the greatest asset; his presence was more valuable than his hands!

Do you love your church people?  Are they your crowd?  Would you rather spend time with fellow believers more than anyone else?  I hope the answer to all those questions is Yes, yes, YES!  J  I have found that no matter the task or event, we all love a crowd!  Whether it is Sunday morning worship, the Sunday School picnic or a work day at the church, we love it when there a lots and lots of people!  Why?  I think it’s the hot coals’ syndrome.

I’m sure you all have sat by a fire and watched the coals glow red, alive with heat.  If you take one out and set it aside, it quickly loses its glow and color.

We need each other!  Just as those coals burn brightly all together, Christians draw strength from one another.  It’s difficult to stand alone!  Some of you must do that all day long at the work place.  Oh, the joy of reuniting with fellow believers and getting “fired up!”  Never think that your presence isn’t important at your church!  You never know what the Lord has planned for you to do, if you are willing!

Have you ever thought of all the tasks it takes to make “church” happen?  There needs to be leadership: pastor, elder, deacon. There are others who lead and teach: choir director, instrumentalist, choir members, Sunday school teachers, Wednesday night children’s workers, youth workers.  There are the unseen tasks: cleaners, grass cutters, weed pullers, flower planters, hedge trimmers, painters, snow shovelers, sidewalk sweepers, window washers!  Someone buys the soap for the bathrooms and orders the Sunday school materials!  The list is endless!  I’m sure I missed someone.

As a pastor’s wife, may I say, “Thank you” for what you do in the church, even if it is not our church.  You have no idea what a blessing you are to your pastor; but more importantly, our Master, Savior and Friend is blessed more than we can ever know!  Working together – it’s the key motto of the Army Rangers and I’m sure many other groups.  It’s what makes the church survive!

” Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they offered willingly to the LORD: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.” 1Ch 29:9

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I've been blogging for several years now, and continue to be thankful for the opportunity to share my heart, as well as hone my writing skills. When I was urged to write about my passion, three things came to mind: my God, my family, and music. I am a born-again believer of Jesus Christ. My doctrine is Baptist, my stand is fundamental. I love the Word of God and want to share how it has changed my life. It is my primary passion; however, my family is the close second! God has blessed me with a wonderful godly husband who has led me and discipled me in my walk with Christ. God also gave us three wonderful children who, along with their spouses, all love the Lord and are passionate soldiers in God's army as well. Add seven grandchildren, and my heart is overflowing with praise to my God! Music comes in third and is a great burden on my heart. We all need to find what is acceptable and pleasing to God in this area. Like every area of the Christian life, we cannot just choose music because we like it.

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